Unfortunately, most companies aren’t Starbucks. Most companies don’t have customers who set their alarms 15 minutes early to happily make a pitstop on their way to work so they can pay 5x more for a product they could get across the street for a pennies.

Most companies never succeed at building a base of wildly loyal, raving customers.

But… what if you could?

What if you could replicate the exact strategies that have helped turn Starbucks into a multinational $30b company? Here is why most companies fail at building brand loyalty, and why Starbucks was one of the few that didn’t:

The biggest reason why more companies are failing at building brand loyalty today is because they don’t understand how to authentically and emotionally content with their customers online.

If you want your customer to consciously choose you and only you, you must focus on building emotional connections with them. You need to tell your brand’s story consistently across all channels – especially social media. The importance of being authentic and consistent cannot be underestimated in this digital era we live in, because your customers will quickly hop to the next brand that comes along if you fail to build a deep connection with them.

Customers no longer want to see statistics, facts, and dry data – they want content with human connection, relatability, and stories. Figure out how to convey the value of your offers to your customers in a way that intrigues emotion, because emotion drives action. If you can do that, you will be on your way to building a cult-like following of loyal customers both off and online.

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