You already know the importance of having a solid presence on social media for your business.

But, what does that look like and why hasn’t it been adding millions of dollars to your bottom line like you’d hoped? After working with, and speaking to, hundreds of successful companies like yours, here’s what we found.

Just a few years ago, the goal was to “get followers”. That was what social media marketing agencies and expert were preaching, and what you were probably told, too.

The idea was that if you could build an online following around your brand, you’d automatically have a raving fan base of loyal customers who’d shout you from the rooftops til the end of time. Oh, and your company’s bottom line would grow as fast as the Grinch’s heart on Christmas. 

Sounds nice (and ideal)…

And it worked… for awhile. Companies hired social media managers and agencies to “grow their following” online, but now the next problem has arisen, and our clients are experiencing it now more than ever.

Our clients are coming to us asking “What’s next?”

They have some size of following on social media (some in the hundreds and some in the thousands to millions), but they’re scratching their heads as to why their followers haven’t added millions to their company’s bottom line.

Why Having “Followers” On Social Media Doesn’t Equate To Increased Sales:

The problem is that most companies have associated “getting followers” to being the only piece of the puzzle needed to successfully market their company online. The truth is that it’s only one tiny sliver of solving the Social Media puzzle.

You need much more than a few followers to reap the financial benefits of social media for business. You need a data-driven content strategy, a predictable sales funnel that leads them to your offers, and a clear understanding of what your customer wants to see from your company on social media. Most companies make the mistake of assuming what their following wants to see on their social media accounts, instead of conducting proper research to find out.

The good news is that when you implement the above, you can take advantage of your followers on social media, and quickly turn them into loyal customers and additional revenue.

If you already have a following on social media (doesn’t matter how small or large) and need help turning your followers into dollars, contact us at to see how our team of experienced consultants can help your company implement a proven, profitable strategy.