The role of our consultants here at Vivid is simple: deliver results-driven trainings on modern marketing for organizations around the world and make sure our clients get the maximum value possible out of our relationships.

Our consultants are available to travel to you to consult your marketing team or executive team in-house, or online through teleconference software.

In a world driven by robots and automation, we take one thing very seriously during the work we do:

Human connection.

Oh – and a second thing.


At Vivid, we put our clients first by building real relationships with them and making sure they are always happy with our work. We do that by making sure our consultants are equipped with the latest knowledge, tactics, data, and strategies.

You can consider our consultants students of life, because the most successful companies in the world know keeping their employees educated is a non-negotiable top priority.

We believe we can only continue to serve our clients at the highest level if we invest our own time, energy, and resources into furthering our own education.

This way of thinking started with our co-founders Josh and Lauren.

Earlier this month, Vivid co-founder Josh traveled to and attended one of the most anticipated annual sales events in the USA:

The 10x Growth Conference in Miami, Florida.

Led by one of the top sales experts in the world, Grant Cardone, Josh attended to represent Vivid, network, and further his own knowledge.

Check out some images from the event below: