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If you like what you see and think we are a great fit for each other, let’s set up a time to figure out the best way for us to work together. Our award-winning consultants are available to travel to you in-house to consult your marketing team, or work closely with your executive team on what marketing strategy you should be using. We are are ready to make ourselves available to a limited number of new clients every year.

Our infamous, results-driven training called “The 4 Most Modern Profitable Methodologies of Marketing” is loved by our clients around the world. This signature training was developed by our co-founders, Josh and Lauren, and the components of the training has helped our clients add an additional $1,200,000 to their bottom line in the last year.

This training encompasses four core fundamentals of digital marketing that you need in your marketing strategy to reduce your customer acquisition costs and increase your bottom line:

Sales Funnels

Most websites cost more money than they make and rarely collect your customers contact information, so you can never follow up. It’s incredibly  hard to run advertisements to a website and expect sales.

Sales funnels convert on average of 483% higher than a website. (79% of marketing leads via websites are never converted to sales – according to Salesforce). Nurtured leads through sales funnels have 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

We will show you how to implement this new way of marketing and reduce your customer acquisition costs through highly predictable, profitable sales funnels.

Social Media

78% of consumers say a company’s social media presence (or lack thereof) impacts their buying decisions. If you’re not focused on building an omnipresence of your company on social media, your customers are choosing your competitors every day.

While most companies don’t understand how to grow a loyal audience around their brand online, we’ll not only show you how but we will also show you how to quickly monetize your audience and turn your followers into dollars.

We’ll show you how to combine the use of Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Influencer Marketing and more to stay at the forefront of your industry and create loyal, repeat customers.

Brand Storytelling

Gone are the days where your customers could count their choices on one hand. With an overwhelming amount of options today, your customers are looking to buy from the brand with the most unique, relatable story. 

We will show you how to craft your company’s Brand Story and implement it into all channels of your online marketing so you can connect with your customers on a deeper level, communicate the value of your offers effectively, increase your brand loyalty, and remove objections.

We will also show you how to leverage customer testimonials to increase your sales through the 6 Step Storyselling Formula.

Sales Process

Sales has been and always will be the core of business growth, and your salesmen are leaving millions of dollars on the table each year that could be avoided with small simple changes to your sales process. 

Customers’ preferences have changed, and we will show you how to adapt to the new way of selling online, over the phone, and in person.

From handling objections, to negotiating, to closing the sale, we’ll make sure your team is equipped with the most modern sales strategy that works. 

Combined with a digital marketing strategy that’s proven to add to your bottom line, sales is the last piece of the puzzle needed to exponentially grow your company’s bottom line.

We Work With The Best

If you need a little more or a little less, we completely understand.

The bottom line is we only want to work with the best – the companies who are ready for growth and are determined to stay at the forefront of their industry. When our clients hire us they know they are getting the latest marketing strategies designed to be implemented immediately to add to their bottom line. It doesn’t matter if your company’s biggest weakness right now is lead generation, social media, sales funnels, or you’ve only just begun building your company’s online presence. 

We work with large organizations in all stages of digital marketing advancement, but only if we think we are the best possible fit for your organization based on the nature of the work you do, your intended outcomes, and our aligned values. We want you to get the most value possible out of our relationship together.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand loyalty, create repeat customers, grow and monetize your social media following, or reduce customer acquisition costs, we can help you. We’ve spent our careers testing and proving innovative ways to grow companies through digital marketing, which puts us in a unique position to help you do the same. We are available to train your marketing team virtually using teleconference technology or travel to you to consult in-house. Our consultants are also available to speak at your convention, conference, or event.

We ask that you fill out a short form below so that we can assess if your company’s needs are where our skills and experience will be put to best use.

Vivid Consultant and Co-Founder Josh Forti speaks at Real Talk Convention on how to grow and monetize Facebook groups.

“If you are looking at investing into Josh… you’re going to get a freaking awesome ROI if you apply what you learn… Josh’s stuff is THAT good. He knows his stuff, and he ACTUALLY cares about people, which is the big difference-maker among all the people teaching this stuff out there.”

Alex Engar

CEO, Ads For Physical Therapists

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