Why Most Companies Are Failing At Building Brand Loyalty

Unfortunately, most companies aren’t Starbucks. Most companies don’t have customers who set their alarms 15 minutes early to happily make a pitstop on their way to work so they can pay 5x more for a product they could get across the street for a pennies. Most...

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The 10x Growth Con 2019 Review

The role of our consultants here at Vivid is simple: deliver results-driven trainings on modern marketing for organizations around the world and make sure our clients get the maximum value possible out of our relationships. Our consultants are available to travel to...

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Top 3 Mistakes Organizations Are Making Online Today

You’ve heard it all. “You need to be on social media” “You need a sales funnel” “You need to run Facebook ads” Chances are, you’ve already tried one or more of the above. And maybe one (or all three) didn’t work out - and still aren’t. Good news: It’s not because you...

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