We’re A Team Of Results-Driven Digital Marketing Consultants With An Impressive List Of Achievements

Hi, I’m Lauren Gordon and my right-hand man is Josh Forti. We’re the proud co-founders and head consultants at Vivid New Media. We’re proud to have served hundreds of clients worldwide and featured in Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, TED, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur Magazine, Grant Cardone TV, Chicago Area Radio, Addicted2Success, and interviewed on over 100 podcasts, organizations, and radio stations for our expertise in digital marketing.

Our clients come first here at Vivid, and we’re committed to delivering the most modern marketing strategies that are proven to add to your company’s bottom line.

While your competitors fall behind, we show you how to stay miles ahead and reduce your customer acquisition cost through the use of social media, sales funnels, automation, brand storytelling, influencer marketing, and more.

We’re Proud To Have Worked With Clients From 6 Out of The 7 Continents.

 Lauren Gordon – Co Founder & Head Consultant

    Josh Forti – Co Founder & Head Consultant

We've Grown Over 3 Million Followers Across Social Media

We've Developed Over 50 Digital Marketing Campaigns

We've Consulted Over 500 Business Owners On Digital Marketing

What We Do

After dedicating the beginning of our careers to helping hundreds of online businesses grow, we realized there was a huge problem. Online business owners understood digital marketing and were reaping the benefits, while some of the biggest companies on the planet weren’t. We observed large, well established organizations struggling to connect with their customers online, and keep customers coming back.

We decided to take our digital marketing experience and help large organizations around the world get up to speed with the most modern marketing strategies, so they can continue to grow despite the ever-changing world of Digital Media.

We pride ourselves on delivering tactical, results-driven trainings on digital marketing through in house consulting all over the world. Our clients hire us to consult their in-house marketing teams, marketing directors, and executives

Our mission at Vivid is to give your company a fresh perspective and help you understand and implement the latest digital marketing strategies so you stay at the forefront of your industry for years to come. We can you show you how to reduce your customer acquisition costs and reach more customers through sales funnels, automation, social media, influencer marketing, brand storytelling, and more.

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