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2 Smart Ways To Increase Your Revenue Through Building Brand Loyalty

The 80/20 rule is one understood by the most successful companies today. The rule states that 80% a company’s sales is generated by 20% of a company’s customers. This means that the majority of your sales are likely coming from repeat customers, so if you want your...

How Apple, LuLulemon, and Starbucks Built Cult-Like Brands

The computers that run in households across the globe, the leggings that convince wearers they’re buying a new lifestyle, and the coffee millions of civilians stand in line for at 6:00 am. What do they have in common? Cult-like brand followings. Apple, Lululemon, and...

Why Most Companies Are Failing At Building Brand Loyalty

Unfortunately, most companies aren’t Starbucks. Most companies don’t have customers who set their alarms 15 minutes early to happily make a pitstop on their way to work so they can pay 5x more for a product they could get across the street for a pennies. Most...

The 5 Most Profitable Tools Of Digital Marketing for 2019

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